Success Stories

Sam Smith - Bountiful High School
Pathway: Business

It has helped me to get a headstart in college and learn the basics of the business world.


Anthony Fuji Ludwig - Bountiful High School
Pathway: Therapeutic Services

CTE Pathway prepared me by giving me the knowledge necessary and beyond to help me achieve my future in the medical field. It taught me what it takes to join the field and that t truly is the career I seek. It has prepared and started me on the path to my future with the help of some of my most favorite teachers. I definitely do not regret having gone through the CTE Pathway I've gone through 

Natalie Espinoza – Ben Lomond Pathway: Project Lead the Way

Completing project lead the way helped me to prepare for life by teaching me things that I can use again. All the CTE classes I took taught me something different and useful. Some of the classes I took helped me choose my career. Taking some CTE Engineering classes helped me discover that I am a hands on person and I enjoy learning about the field. I wish I would have taken more.

Alex Fishburn – Ben Lomond High Pathway: Therapeutic Services, Nursing, Health Informatics, Medical Office & Medical Assisting

At first I took Engineering CTE course that helped me decide that I don’t want to be an engineer. I also took a lot of medical courses at the ATC. I have learned a lot from them, especially the fact that if you want to further your education, that is your decision and nothing will get handed to you. After completing my Medical Assisting CTE course at the ATC, I will become certified, which will help me get a great job as a Medical Assistant. Not only will I have a back-up job if my future goals fail, but I will also know a lot of skills that will help me in the future.  Skills such as hard work, dedication and plenty of good study habits. After taking CTE course, I now know I am ready for college and a future career.

Carly Jo Batman – Roy High 
Pathway: Pre-Engineering

I really enjoyed the opportunity to grow in my engineering pathway. I was able to learn so much and I was able to progress my skills quickly with the in-field experience of my internship. I learned that an engineer can’t just draw a design and be done. They need to estimate costs as well and that can be tedious work. However, nothing is as awesome as completing a project correctly and know the plans I helped produce are headed towards a meeting.

I was able to gain some awesome experience in this pathway and I still plan to be a civil engineer. I hope I will get to learn more as I work more with Wasatch Civil Engineering this summer!

Hannah Butikofer – Morgan High 
Pathway: Agrigulture

I used to be really quiet my freshman year. Now I talk and I’m not scared to talk in front of people. I took a lot of Ag classes all 4 years of high school. It has taught me responsibility. I want to do something with agriculture for my career.

Tyler Nuttall – Weber High Pathway: Commercial Photo, Digital Media & TV Broadcasting

These classes have prepared me by giving me real world knowledge and experience in the digital medial field. My skills have been strengthened as I’ve had the chance to learn and grow through a more hands-on-environment than a typical classroom setting. Taking this classes was an eye opener for all the opportunities that are available for me in this career field.

Amber Sugden – Woods Cross High Pathway: Therapeutic Rehabilitation/Exercise

Completing a CTE pathway has prepared me for life after high school in many ways. It has prepared me for college by teaching my appropriate study skills I need not lonely perform well on written & practical exams, but also to learn the material in depth, So I can understand and apply it. Completing a pathways has also taught me not to be afraid to ask for help when I need it. I have been introduced to the basic dynamics of the heath card team, but also show the perspectives of other health care professionals which I will be working with. My CT pathway gave me the tools & resources to jump-start my medical career. It offered opportunities for me to learn skills that will be useful in my career and in a clinical setting and enable me to get ahead by taking college level courses.  It prepared me to be successful in a rigorous academic environment. 

Afton Owen – Fremont High School Pathway: Early Childhood
The CTE Pathway offered at Fremont High School has helped me solidify what I want to do after I graduate high school. I have always had desire to do something in my life that provides others a service. The Family and Early Childhood courses that I have taken thus far in my educational career made me realize that becoming a teacher for young children is what I want to do.
I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to take these courses because it has provided me with the knowledge and skill set that I will need to carry my further education. Some skills include; children’s behavioral development, home economic, firsthand experience with children, and not to mention my primary goal in life – to be a mom.
After high school, I plan to attend college and receive my degree in early childhood education and elementary education. I am very excited about attaining my degrees and without CTE pathway I would not be as prepared or confident as I am today. I have been thinking a lot about my future and what it entails as I near graduation, and I’m ready to take this next step in my life. Without this pathway I would not be in the position or mindset that I am in today, and for that I will always be grateful.

John Snarr – Davis High School : Engineering, Automotive Technology & Cabinet Making

Overall, I would say that my CTE classes have prepared me for the workforce as well as other post-high school plans such as further education by doing three things: (1) these pathways have taught me how to work well with similar-minded people and work on integrated team projects, (2) they have taught me how to properly work both safely as well as productively in a professional shop environment, and (3) they have taught me how to use both mind as well as might in conjunction to be successful in a future career. I will admit that that is quite a mouthful, and I will describe in the following how such practical life qualities have been installed in me by my engineering, automotive, and woodworking pathways.

My engineering courses have taught me the value of being creative in this industry. It is wasy to replicate, but how we innovate and produce as people says a lot about who we are and what we value – are we willing to use our heads to make this world a better place for those who come after us?

Automotive technology was, by far, my favorite pathway of them all – simply because it embodies so many different technical skills into  one trade that can teach so much. If you want a lifelong technical skill in your head where you will be a welder, manufacturing engineer, computer programmer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer . . . well, the list goes on and on – then this one packs them all.

Cabinetmaking is arguably the pathway that has taught me the most practical information for what jobs/careers I am going to be pursuing personally – that is, machining and manufacturing engineering. Skills such as using precision in work, manufacturing process, using proper design methods and calculation, are all taught here, and used every day in the manufacturing world.

As I go forward to pursue a career in mechanical engineering in the aerospace manufacturing industry, I’m glad that I’ve had the technical opportunities that I have and that these three pathways have taught me such skills as I will use for the rest of my life. It’s no small deal.

CTE Recruitment & Retention Professional Development!

Mark Perna, founder of Tools for Schools, came to Wasatch Front North Region and hosted a day long training for teachers, counselors and administration team members.  He gave a wonderful presentation on How to significantly increase enrollment, retention & performance in all CTE areas.

He gave us key points on:

  • Teaching Millennials
  • Filling the Skills Gap
  • Focusing on the Light at the end of the tunnel
  • Making course descriptions & program copy points "sexy"
  • The Rain or Drip Effect
  • The Wade Factor

Fall  - Health Science Explore Events

Two Region events were hosted at OWTC & DTC in Fall. Over 500 students attended to explore career options in the Health Sciences Field. Hands on workshops were available in the areas of Dental Assisting & Hygiene, EMT/Paramedic, Nurse Assistant & Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, Health Sciences, Surgical Technology, Health Administration, Health Information, Medical lab Science, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy and others.

Health Professionals, who are working in these various fields, also spoke to the students about "a day in the life" of their jobs. Thanks to all our Region partners for two very successful events.

AAS General Technology Degree - Article


New Photo Gallery!

We now have a new photo gallery to display photos from our various "Explore the Possibilities" Events! Click below to check it out!

Explore The Possibilities Event a Success!

On Wasatch Front Region held a Health Science Career Event. Students from all over the Region attended workshops relating to health science careers such as Surgical Tech, Clinical Lab Sciences, Emergency Medicine, Nursing/CNA, Medical Anatomy/Cadaver Lab, & Dental Hygiene. Students received educational and career information and had a chance to see first hand what these career fields are all about. Thanks to all who participated and helped in anyway. We will do this again next year. Make sure you let us know if you want to participate again!

- Emily


Business Partner Breakfast in Weber School District - Jeff Meyer, WBL Coordinator

In Weber District, we go to great lengths to drive home the concept of PATHWAYS to our students. In our minds, after educating the students, the next step is to educate and incorporate our Business Partners about Pathways and the significant role they play in making it all work. Within Work-Based Learning and its connection to the business world comes the opportunity for all of this Pathway emphasis to come to fruition. The Internship Program provides the capstone for our Pathway Completers and once and for all answers the age old question “When will I ever use this?”

So, how do we bring this full circle? One thing that has worked great and created a ton of interest in our district is our annual Business Partner Breakfast. Each year we invite every Business Partner who has hosted a student for a fieldtrip, job shadow, full blown internship, or any potential partners to join us for breakfast and a “demonstration of results”. We have several of the students who have completed or are currently involved with an outstanding work based learning experience to share, with the group, what this experience has meant to them and how it has benefitted their life and future.

The Partnership Breakfast works great because it highlights the Students, Business Partners, State Pathways and Work-Based Learning. Student Interns speak of their experiences on the job while highlighting Businesses who are ever-searching for ways to give back to their communities (at no expense to them). And the real beauty of it is: you have them all in one place to celebrate them all.

In just over an hour you have fed them, educated them on Pathways, and left them with a feeling of having made a difference in the lives of students…the ones who don’t have Interns will be coming to you to become a part of your program…for CTE, the RELEVANCY card has been played, it validates the whole process, … it’s a win, win, win, win.

Student Success Stories @ Ogden-Weber Technical College

Davis Technical College

After nearly 12 years of effort by DTC, including extensive work with the community to secure donations and with Legislature to gain state funding, totaling $15 million, the new Haven J. and Bonnie Rae Barlow Technology Building was opened April 1, 2009. The new 63,000 square foot building provides enhanced facilities for DTC’s high demand technical programs including Diesel/Heavy Duty Technology, Machine Tool Technology, Architectural & Engineering Design, Electronics, Mechatronics, Information Technology, and Web & Graphic Design.

“This facility will return thousands of highly-skilled and technically competent employees to the local economy and provide for significant economic development for Northern Utah and return to the taxpayers for this investment,” says Michael J. Bouwhuis, DTC Campus President.

We invite you to take a personal tour of this new building. Please contact Allen Turner at 801-593-2399 to schedule your tour today.

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